Suremess App

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Suremess™ service ?
A totally secured service to exchange with your counterparts.

Are the messages really secured ?
Yes, they are totally secured on the server, and in addition:
- they are not exchanged on the network, only a short reference is ;
- they are stored on the server under a compressed and crypted format ;
- the author only knows the PIN number used for a given message.

How many messages are kept ?
The last 18 messages are stored and kept.
Messages can be as large as 2 MB within a global quota of 10 MB per user.

How strong is the encryption mechanism ?
The procedure is confidential, but uses the following features:
- the messages are firstly compressed using a standard algorithm ;
- then a crypto procedure encode using a key of... 10160 bits!
- there are 10.000 possible keys (selected via the PIN)
- in addition a random variable helps changing all those features.

Is it legal to use Suremess™ ?: Yes
EU001 licence FRAG - 15400770 delivered 13/02/2015
ANSSI registration n° 15010050 delivered 26/01/2015
Key Concepts
User name: just a string (from 6 to 10 chars),
Used to uniquely identify a user.
Any user can configure as many users as he can remember (up to 4).
However, he will have to buy stamps for each of his avatars...

Password : a string (from 6 to 10 chars),
Easy to remember (but not easy to guess) to protect your account.

Group name: a string (from 1 to 10 chars)
Used to restrict message exchanges to members of the same Group.
Messages can be sent "in-group" or "out-group".
In the later case, they can be addressed to anyone,
but only regular members can decode messages.

capcha: similar to captcha codes
Used to prevent access from robots.

Title: string associated to a message by the sender.
This is not sent, only used to retrieve the user's own messages.